Rules & Regulations

1.     All memorials used within the gardens of Everlasting, Devotion & Memories will be flat bronze on granite base installed at ground level. No cement bases are permitted. All Memorials used within the garden of Angles can be bronze and/or granite.

2.     All installations will be charged a setting fee corresponding to that memorial if a memorial (bronze or granite) is purchased from an outside source other than Preston Funeral Enterprise, LLC. 

3.     All memorials will be installed by cemetery employees.

4.     Temporary markers will be allowed for one (1) year then arrangements need to be made for a final marker to mark the grave.

5.     Flowers will be used in vases only – If you do not have a vase, one (1) flower decoration will be permitted. 

6.     We do not warranty any vases damaged or stolen. 

7.     During holidays extra flowers & flags may be placed on the grave for a time period of two weeks only. We will not be responsible after the two weeks if outer decorations are damaged by mowing equipment.

8.     After the two week time period, all flowers, except flowers in vases, will be removed by the cemetery employees, if you haven’t made arrangements ahead of time with the office and it is noted by Cemetery office.

9.     During winter months flowers will be removed and vases must be turned down; however this is not the cemetery’s responsibility.  ANY vase that remains upright during the winter months is the Owners Responsibility.

10.  No outline graves or memorial with metal frame, plastic, wood landscape borders or stone, marble chips, granite chips, glass or ceramic vases and figurines or other materials are not permitted on or around the border of the memorials. Such materials are dangerous and violate proper safety procedures and regulations which can cause serious injury of damage when pieces of plastic, wood, metal, glass or stone are picked up and hurled by the mowers.

11.  No visitors will be permitted at the cemetery after dark. Many people visit the cemetery each day. Because the cemetery is open to the public, it is very difficult to control the activity of every visitor. We regret that we cannot guarantee the decorations from damage or loss.

12.  The Cemetery reserves the right to amend or repeal these Rules and Regulations or any part thereof at any time without notice. A copy of the current Rules and Regulations, including all amendments, shall be maintained at all times at the usual place for transacting the regular business of the Cemetery, and shall be available to any Owner upon request.  

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